Kinds of Malware and What Does a Malware Blocker Do to Tackle Them?

Malware is software which has the potential to cause harm to the computers. There are various kinds of malware available. Malware infects the system and makes the computer unreliable. To protect your computer against malware, you need a barrage of tools like antivirus software, malware blocker, firewall, etc. Norton is a highly regarded company which deals with security software. The Norton antivirus software is robust and offers complete protection against malware. For more details, visit

To get a better understanding of Malware, one must know about the types of malware. Here are some common kinds of malware:

  1. Virus: Viruses are self-replicating programs for computers. Therefore, if a virus escapes into a computer and infects it, it has the capability to spread to a lot of files and folders on the computer system. Before the advent of the internet, viruses would spread via floppy disks. The internet has made it much easier to get a virus on the computer system.
  2. Trojan horse: Usually, Trojans Horses do not have the ability to self-replicate; hence they cannot make copies of themselves. However, certain Trojan horses have the capability to self-replicate. Trojan horses are applications and software which look innocent and useful but in reality, they open a backdoor. If your system is infected with Trojan horse, then you will remain unaware of it because it does everything secretly. It will open a backdoor into your computer system without your knowledge. Cybercriminals can use the back door to access your computer and steal the data.
  3. Worms: Worms are a bit different from the other types of malware. They are similar to viruses in the sense that they are capable of self-replicating. However, dissimilar to viruses, they are also proficient in spreading themselves by sending themselves to several different people. Worms spread to various systems automatically by sending messages to people in the contact list of the host computer. Worms are very dangerous and they are one of the most famous types of malware.
  4. Spyware: Spyware or Keyloggers are similar to Trojan horses. However, Trojan horses open a backdoor and allow hackers to access your computer. Spyware, on the other hand, gets installed on your computer discreetly and spies on your computer activities. Keyloggers store each and every click and keyboard input you make on your computer. Therefore, they may store your login credentials, bank account details, personal details like social security number, chats, emails, etc. The certain software comes laced with spyware which silently installs on your computer without you getting a whiff of it.
  5. Adware: Adware is similar to spyware but they aren’t always malicious. Adware gets installed on your system and they start to display advertisements relevant to your browser history on your computer.Quite a number of adware display so much advertisements that results in the computer slowing down. Some adware may display advertisements related to adult content. This can be troubling when children are using the computer.

How do Malware blockers protect you from malware?

Given that website security is a huge industry amounting to$60bn, it is important for everybody who uses the internet. If you run a business and you are worried about the security then malware blocker is a much-needed tool for you. Malware blocker monitors proactively as well as retroactively to look for and delete malicious software before it can harm the business. They scan the website files and look for malware. The firewall monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic and it stops the harmful traffic from reaching your server. For complete and total data security and malware protection, get a malware blocker along with a robust antivirus software. If you have bought a Norton product key, then for activation go to

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