How to Prevent Your Apple Laptop from Overheating?

The problem of laptops overheating has been around for years. The cause behind this is rather simple. Laptop manufacturers have been trying a lot to make their product handier and smaller. Consequently, in order to accomplish their target, they must have started to make the parts, such as the hard drive, motherboard and more, handier and smaller and. However, they also have to set all these components and parts closer to each other. As we all know that the microprocessor, hard drive, and motherboard all of these tend to produce heat and the closer they are placed to each other, the more concentrated the heat becomes. Although, we have the fans that are built into our laptops to cool these components down, yet these fans also cannot work efficiently in such tight quarters. Add to this the fact that it’s easier said than done for the heat to escape, and you have overheating laptops. Whenever your computer overheats, it is more likely to fail in doing the tasks it is meant to. Here we have brought some tips for you that are going to help you prevent your apple laptop from overheating.

How to Prevent Your Apple Laptop from Overheating

  1. Avoid putting your laptop on anything like a cushion especially when it is switched on. The soft material of a cushion could get in the way of the airflow vents, mainly the rear vents, which could be the cause for your laptop to overheat.
  2. It is highly recommended not to put anything over your keyboard when the laptop is operating in the closed-lid mode. Doing so is expected to cause your computer to turn off and on frequently. And this could generate great heat and could also drain the laptop’s battery.
  3. Remember to shut down your laptop overnight and do it daily to let it cool off. If you don’t use it regularly during the day, then you can set it to go into standby mode automatically when not in use. This is definitely going to save power and also, condense heat output from the components of your laptop.
  4. Ensure that your laptop is always switched off when it’s in your backpack. You should avoid carrying the laptop in a bag when it’s on because doing so can block the vents on the computer and cause it to overheat. Also, it reduces the life of the components of your laptop or worse; can cause a fire. Thus, the heat may also distress the battery life and can cause an explosion too.
  5. Always try to keep the air vents clean. Dust accumulates on the vents of your laptop that can obstruct them. This dust will stop your laptop from working efficiently. A small electric cleaner can help you clean dust off the vents. Your laptops can suck up lots of dust. However, it’s because everything in the computer is packed together so tightly, it makes these specks of dust is even more dangerous for your laptop. When the cooling fans are designed to run all the time, it’s just a matter of time before the system starts overheating.

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