How to Update and Clear TPM Security Processor Firmware?

If you have to acquire a TPM enabled laptop computer or any device, and sometime you might get a message on your Windows Defender Security Center, they tell you that now you need to replace your security processor firmware or TPM firmware, then it is best the way to replace it on priorities basis.

We are providing you every detail about TPM firmware and how to update and clear the Processor firmware. The details are discussing below-

What is TPM in Windows 10?

If you don’t know about the TPM, then read the information we are providing only to acknowledge you about the processor, TPM firmware or Trusted Platform Module is a specific chip available on an endpoint of the machine. It could be a retailer RSA encryption key that is particular to the host system for authentication purpose. The TPM chip moreover seizes an RSA key pair which is referred to as the Endorsement Key process. The pair is automatically maintained and controlled from the chip, and even it can’t be accessed by the software program. Rapidly, it might be retailer necessary information which is together with the Fingerprints, Facial knowledge but it cannot be easily accessible.

Steps to Update TPM Security Processor Firmware

Replacing of TPM security processor firmware regularly clasp an area for a security susceptibility which might manipulate the working system security. The replacing option will pact with the vulnerability which you need to obtain and set it. It can be an achievable task that processor firmware updates are transmitted by the OEMs that are often faster in contrast to Windows Update. The steps of replacing or update TPM is a very easy process. For the protection of system, you need to activate the antivirus on your system. Norton is best among all, for more information about Norton, dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support or visit

  • Download & Set Up Windows Updates

It is one of the best methods to replace your TPM security processor firmware. So when you acquire any set, Identify when you need to replace the security processor firmware from your device, if it creates a security patch for you.

In automated replace process, it should obtain and set up automatically on your device. You will get a thought whenever a notification window wills popup on your screen for Action Center which will ask you to restart your system. So here we discuss some small warning for the safety purpose.

  1. Never apply the TPM security processor firmware from OEMs which is earlier than putting in the Windows working system replacement.
  2. The Windows operating system might be unable to decide if in case your system is affected.
  • Install Firmware Updates by OEMs

Many OEMs are connected with the Microsoft affords Firmware Updates individually. If the TPM processor firmware replacement was not included in the Windows Update, then you need to acquire and apply it manually.

Steps to Clear TPM Security Processor Firmware

Once you set in the firmware replace both through the Windows Update or the OEM websites, furthermore, you need to clear your TPM from your system. It is necessary to make it possible for the information is secured.

Before continuing towards the steps, remember that you need to take backup of your TPM information with the motive to restore them later. Clearing the TPM firmware will allow you to reset your security processor to its default settings. Steps are given below-

  1. Go to Start  button
  2. Click on the “Settings’ option
  3. Then, click on the “Update & Security’ option.
  4. Click on the “Windows Security” option.
  5. Then, you need to clock on the “Device security’ option.
  6. It will launch the Windows Defender Security Center on your device.
  7. Choose the Device Security again, and then under the Security processor option, particularly select the Security processor.
  8. On the display window, select the  Security processor troubleshooting, then, Clear the TPM by clicking on the Clear TPM option.
  9. It will automatically reset your security processor to its default settings.
  10. Now, you need to restart the system.

 For any security purpose issue or issue related to antivirus, you can contact the Norton customer support. As Norton is high-quality antivirus, their service is best and available 24*7 to assist you. For more information dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support or visit

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