Norton: Antivirus of The Year 2018

Norton:  Antivirus of The Year 2018

Yahoo experience ran into a data breach which affected around half a billion of its user accounts. Yahoo did not reveal this information to anyone for nearly two years. This security lapse cost Yahoo a fine of 35 million. Since one cannot do much regarding how companies across the world protect your private data, you have to ensure that your personal devices stay protected. Installing an antivirus software on the system and ensuring that it is up-to-date at all times, can protect your devices from malicious attacks.

In the technologically advanced world, a wide number of companies are offering antivirus products. If you are looking to get an antivirus program for your computer, then you might have gotten confused by seeing a large number of commercial antivirus products available. Norton antivirus should be your top choice because it is the best antivirus software of 2018. Norton antivirus outscored all the other available antivirus software in a test which was conducted. If you wish to know more about activation of Norton product, go to

Antivirus Protection

Norton is a robust antivirus which has a layered security system. It has three different overlapping defensive layers. The layers start with traditional virus signature matching which contrasts new files and software to the existing virus database. It also employs heuristic analysis which keeps an eye on the computer behavior and examines the code of any new software in order to spot unknown virus before it can cause damage. Norton’s virus protection software scans all the files, software, etc in the system and puts the suspected ones in a quarantine area.

Scanning and Detection

It is very easy to install and use Norton antivirus. The dashboard of Norton is very well organized and neat, therefore finding and choosing tasks which need to be accomplished, security reports which need to be read and the files in quarantine which have to be cleared out. If everything looks safe and secure in your system then the Norton icon is green. If Norton has identified any security threat, the icon will become red. After installing and running Norton, when it launches it for the first time, a virtual tour is given to help the user understand the functions of Norton.

Privacy and Protection

Norton antivirus is the antivirus of the year because it contains many added tools which go above and beyond virus protection. A shining example of one such tool is Password Manager. Norton’s Password Manager Tool saves all the usernames and passwords of the user in a safe contained within the antivirus software. Due to this tool, it becomes impossible for cybercriminals and hackers to steal your passwords. Users can manage all of their Norton products subscriptions from just one online account. One can add new devices or transfer the protection from one device to another through the Norton dashboard.

Norton antivirus protects the computer and other devices against old and new malware. It has a high malware detection rate and generates very few false positives. If you have purchased any Norton product, then for its activation visit

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