Tips for Using Apple’s Smart Annotation Tool

Recently, Apple announced a collection of software pull and updates to help the company’s education efforts along with a new iPad. One of the software features Apple revealed is called Smart Annotation. This feature only works in the Pages on an iPad.

Apple tried their best to make this feature “smart” so that any annotations are attached to the text in a document, while if a sentence is circled and afterward moved down in a paragraph, then the annotation follows it.

It is a very efficient feature, but it is not perfect that much hence due to the beta tag. Apple suggests that making a copy of any documents on that you plan on using Smart Annotations, only in the case when something went wrong.

For using this feature, you only require an iPad and Pages. While this feature is designed to use only with the Apple Pencil, you even don’t have to use that one. Nor you need an iPad Pro or any of the sixth-generation iPad, both of which provides the Apple Pencil support.

Add Annotation

You have a pair of options when comes to the annotating a document. By using an Apple Pencil, hit on the iPad’s screen to bring up some drawing options. One hit is all you need if you hit and hold the Apple Pencil on the iPad’s screen, then the drawing mode will automatically activate.

Instead, if you do not have an Apple Pencil and you want to use your finger, then hit on the three-dot icon and choose the Smart Annotation Beta from the drop-down menu.

When you finished annotating a document, then hit on the Done tab to save your work.

Delete Annotation

Annotations a document are very easy to remove or delete. For this, click to select, then click on the Delete button. After clicking on delete, your Annotation is deleted permanently

Turn off Smart Annotations

If you want to view a document without any annotations, but you don’t want to delete them, then turn off the Smart Annotation view. By following the given steps:

Click on the view button in the top-left corner of the iPad screen, and then slide the Smart Annotation tab to the turn Off position.

Export with Annotations

Currently, you can export a document with Smart Annotations in place as long as it’s a Pages document or the PDF. According to the Apple Word, EPUB, RTF, and Pages, ’09 files are not supported on Apple.

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