Top 4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft has now become a crucial issue as we are well aware one of the most recent facebook blunder. Identity theft is an increasingly popular crime, and people are becoming its victim in every single minute. Nowadays, we can’t be so sure about our personal information as we need to enter our details on every other website. We must consider a few things before entering any such information on these websites as the hackers can misuse it. Our significant information like name, address, telephone number, bank account, or credit card numbers, can be shared and used for the criminal activities.  So, we have curated out top 5 ways to protect yourself from identity theft. You can install Norton Antivirus from and can protect your computer data.

Just read the guide carefully and follow the same.

1- Shred-All Identifying Documents, Bank Slips, Etc

Crucial information and papers like Bank deposit receipts, old documents, credit card statements, anything with sensitive information should be properly disposed of. If you don’t have a fireplace, then you can consider investing in a low-cost paper shredder.  Don’t let you’re giving away identity to the hackers and better protect the crucial information by shredding it.

2- Shop Online on Trusted Websites

In today’s world, each and every of our work relies on the internet as it has become a convenient option for all of us. While shopping online, you should always use secure web pages. You should always check the bottom of your browser and look for a locked graphic. Make sure that it has “https” in the address bar. If it is located there, it means you are on a secure web page, and your data is encrypted. Make sure that you are using a secured connected as hackers can eavesdrop on your transaction and grab your private data anytime.

3- Use Strong Password

By using a strong password, you can ensure that your account is secure. Use various passwords for various online accounts. One should always set the password which is hard to guess and not even related to the common things like name, DOB etc. Avoid using the noticeable passwords like “123456,” or “ABCDE” your mother’s name.

4- Destroy Your Digital Data

If you are selling or exchanging or give away your computer system, make sure that you have deleted and removed each of your personal information or data from there. If you are exchanging your computer with someone, then delete the backup tape from the computer. Do not delete the data instantly as someone can recover it. Use the existing shredders and confirm that the hard drive data is permanently destroyed from your computer system.

There are certain more points that one should always keep in your mind. To better protect your data and personal information, install Norton antivirus as it is highly recommended and used by millions of people around the globe. You can setup Norton antivirus on your computer as it thoroughly secure social media profiles as well. Thus, use Norton antivirus and install it from

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