6 Lesser-Known Tricks and Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one amongst the most widely used web browsers across the world. It is extremely fast, secure, and highly customizable. This browser supports several extensions to make browsing easier. There are several features and tricks that a number of people are unaware of.

Let’s go through the less known tricks and features of Chrome.

  1. Omnibox

Omnibox is hands-down one of the handiest features of Chrome. With Omnibox, you can easily look up a particular website with just a couple of keystrokes. For example, you wish to go to Facebook, and you have visited it earlier. Just start entering Facebook.com in the Omnibox. When you have entered the first few characters, hit the Tab key. After that, you will be able to look up only Facebook website from the browser, without having to visit it.

  1. Drag and drop multiple Chrome tabs

Many people know that they can drag and drop individual Chrome tabs, and either open them in a new window or move them to an existing one. Well, many Chrome users do not know that they can move multiple tabs at the same time. To do so, just press the Control key and select all the tabs you want to move and then drag and drop them wherever you want. Mac users will have to long-press the Command key.

  1. Re-open recently closed tabs

Sometimes people end up closing tabs accidentally. If you have multiple Chrome windows open, then it may be tedious to go through the browser history and reopen the tabs that were closed unexpectedly. Chrome offers a way to restore recently closed tabs. Just hit the Control+Shift+T keys on Windows PC or Command+Shift+T on Mac, and all the recently closed tabs will open again.

  1. Making search results open in a new tab

Well, if you wish to look up a certain thing in Chrome’s Omnibox, then the results are displayed as per the present tab. But, if you want to search for something without losing the webpage you have opened, then just long-press the Alt key, type in what you want to explore and hit Enter. The search results will open in a brand new tab.

  1. Change Tabs with Keyboard Shortcuts

It may be tedious to click on different tabs while doing work. Well, if you want to toggle through different tabs quickly, then there is a shortcut for that. If you have six tabs open in a Chrome window, then just press the Control button along with any number between 1 to 6, to jump to that tab. For example, if you wish to go to the fourth tab, then press Control + 4 at the same time.

  1. Create supervised profiles for kids

If you have a young child, then you can set up a separate monitored profile for them. You will have complete control over the profile. In order to set up a new profile, just click on Settings, select People, and choose to Manage other people. Now, click on Add person. Check the square next to “Control and view the websites.” Hit the Add button.

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