The New Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware will Crash your System If You Try To Remove It

According to the report released by ZDNet, there is a menacing crypto-mining software in town. This threatening malware is known by the name of Winstar NssmMiner. This malware will not only hijack the resources and data of your computer system, but it will also crash the system as and when you attempt to destroy it.

Designed to mine Monero currency, it has been estimated that it has successfully mined more than $18,500. ZDNet said that this malicious software has registered more than half a million attempted cyber attacks until now.

Why is this malware so lethal?

This malware is extremely lethal and destructive because it consists of a two-staged process. In the first stage, it will run a procedure which will enable it to check for antivirus software protection as it mines the cryptocurrency. In the second process, it will corrupt the computer system, enabling the system to crash it will. This crypto software will crash the computer system if the user attempts to kill it. Moreover, when the antivirus software program detects this malware and attempts to kill it off if the user tries to directly end the process.

While this malware may sound scary, the computer users will be relieved to know that this malware is a little bit of a coward. It is a coward because it does not run on any device which has a robust antivirus software program installed.

What is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency which is just three years old. It has become the choice weapon for unlawful mining operations. Since it was designed with the purpose of anonymity, the identities and amounts of transactions are kept a secret on purpose. Therefore, it is hard to track all the gains made unlawfully across blockchains and registers which make a record of transactions in the currency.

How to combat with crypto-mining malware?

With regards to your smartphone, ensure that all the applications you install are from known and reliable sources. Moreover, keep the software systems patched tightly and keep running anti-malware scans on a regular period to clear the phone of any suspicious code.

Get an adblocker software for your computer system, along with an updated antivirus software. Regularly update your Operating system, antivirus and Anti-malware software programs, and web browser.

The antivirus software and web browsers and keeping up with this new variety of malware and they are implementing the heavily needed cyber protection for their customers. Therefore, it is very less likely that this new ransomware trend will prevail for very long.

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