Six Ways To Improve Your iOS Device Security in 2018

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs revolutionized the technology scenario. iPhones and iPads have made our lives easier. But, we should not forget that security is at a never-ending war with ease of convenience. The faster and more convenient the device is, the quicker and easier it is for attackers to hack. Learn how to increase the security of your iPhone and iPads below:

  1. Protect your account: One of the easiest ways to launch attacks is via login credentials. Hackers can use your Apple IDs and password to get unauthorized access to your device. Therefore use unique and sturdy passwords which are hard to crack. Choose passwords which are not your birth dates, pet’s name, or dictionary words. Have different passwords for different accounts.
  2. Do not jailbreak the iOS device: Getting freeware and having more control may sound good, but in reality, jailbreaking the device exposes it to several malicious elements. For this reason, iOS keeps a strict eye on the data and regulates the apps which you allow. If you jailbreak your device, you may be unable to update the applications and iOS version. Therefore you will not be able to patch bugs and other vulnerabilities.
  3. Be familiar with the apps: Before installing any app read about them and get to know about the security settings as well as app permissions. Hackers love users who take their apps for granted. They can infect your device by injecting malicious codes and attachments which you may unknowingly install on your iOS device.
  4. Always connect to secure networks: Try to connect with only secure Wi-fi networks. Do not connect to public or unsecured networks for too long. Attackers often use public networks to launch attacks and steal information.
  5. Download only from the official app store: Even though a number of fun games and apps crop up from time to time, we are often tempted to install the application from third-party stores which can be accessed via a phone which is jailbroken. Doing this will increase the risk of data theft and infections, therefore, avoid it.
  6. Use a robust security program: One of the best ways to prevent data theft and security attacks from your iPhone or iPad is by installing a reliable antivirus program. Norton antivirus program offers guaranteed security for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. You can activate it from or Keep your security software updated at all times.

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